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What Happened to “Useless” in Black Knight?


Netflix’s hit South Korean show ‘Black Knight‘ is an adaptation of Lee Yun-kyun’s webtoon of the same name, set in a post-apocalyptic world following an impact with a comet. Most continents have been submerged beneath seawater, leaving behind only barren wasteland where the Korean Peninsula once stood. Survival becomes the key objective, and one character, Meet Useless, plays a vital supporting role as Yoon Sa-wol’s confidante. Stay tuned to find out if Useless is still alive after the “Black Knight” events.

Is Useless Dead in Black Knight

Is “Useless” Really Dead in Black Knight?

Useless (Lee Joo-seung) meets his demise in the first season of ‘Black Knight.’ Our protagonist can be seen sitting in his car with Dummy and Dumb-dumb as they await Sa-wol’s preparations to face off against an opposing group of youths. Sa-wol lives with military intelligence officer Jeong Seol-ah and her sister Jeong Seul-ah, while Useless, Dummy, and Dumb-dumb reside with someone they call grandfather.

Useless notices that Sa-wol stands out among her group as possessing both the skills and determination necessary to transcend their current status in society, encouraging him to pursue this path. Although our four protagonists don’t wish for trouble, their companions often enjoy participating in his eccentric plans. Sa-wol attempts to hitch a ride from an infamous delivery driver known as 5-8 but fails. Eventually, Sa-wol succeeds but is rejected afterward.

Sa-wol’s home is attacked, and tragically, his adoptive sister Jeong Seul-ah meets an untimely end due to gunshot wounds. Miraculously, Sa-wol escapes unhurt due to his mutant abilities. With Sa-wol’s unexpected departure, Useless and his colleagues become increasingly worried. We watch as Useless processes what happened while inferring Sa-wol’s motives. Sa-wol has set off on a mission to find atonement for past mistakes, precisely his inaction during Seul-ah’s death. Our heroes arrive just in time before becoming targets of ruthless hunters. They can bring him back to health thanks to their quick thinking and medical expertise.

Cheonmyeong Group, the most dominant private organization on the peninsula, holds a tournament to find a replacement for 5-7 who have died. Useless inspires Sa-wol to participate, leading him to seek advice from 5-8 and the support of the deliverymen to prepare for the competition.

Sa-wol emerges victorious in the tournament, only to learn that the final round was broadcast live with the sinister intention of drawing refugees to an explosive gathering point where they would be cruelly massacred. As the season ends, the President of Korea joins forces with Ryu Jae-jin, chairman of Cheonmyeong Group and father of Ryu Seok, as well as the defense minister, in an attempt to remove Ryu Seok through coup d’état tactics.

The Black Knight society can be divided into three distinct tiers: General, Special, and Core. Each tier has its own district, easily identifiable with QR codes, while refugees live outside our established system. Ryu Seok presents himself as being forced to accept refugees into the General District, but his true intentions become apparent as he orchestrates a vaccine drive to assist displaced individuals.

In an unexpected turn of events, Ryu Seok reveals his sinister plan to poison the refugees. Useless and his two companions are unaware of what will unfold when Sa-wol approaches. Useless urgently warns him away, only to receive an unexpected gunshot wound to his back that kills him instantly. He collapses into the comfort of their mutual friend’s embrace as his final breaths escape him.

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