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‘Physical’ Season 3: All You Need to Know – Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and More


As we embark on the highly anticipated third and final season of Physical, brace yourselves for Rose Byrne‘s triumphant return, delivering yet another awe-inspiring and emotionally charged performance in the grand finale of this captivating comedy-drama series. Allow me to provide you with all the tantalizing details you seek. Get ready for the inside scoop on all the juicy details we’ve gathered about the highly anticipated third season of Physical.

Rose Byrne’s skill for giving depth and dimension to her characters guarantees that audiences are in for a captivating and emotionally charged experience, especially with the third season promising to dive deeper into Sheila’s story. As the show comes to an end, viewers can count on Byrne to produce nothing less than a magnificent performance that will be remembered long after the last episode airs.

‘Physical’ Season 3: Release Date

The first episode of “Physical” Season 3 with Rose Byrne as Sheila Rubin is scheduled to air on August 2, 2023. The season will only be accessible on Apple TV+.

Physical Season 3 Story

Sheila previously set out on a quest to create a fitness empire through aerobics, which had a profound impact on both her personal and professional lives. Sheila and her husband Danny’s differences in the second season led to a contentious season finale in which they sought legal advice. Sheila encounters difficulties in both her personal and professional lives as the new season progresses, and Danny is determined to thwart her achievement. The story will dig into topics of intimacy, desire, and connection to the body in addition to examining Sheila’s difficulties with eating healthily.

Physical Season 3 Cast

Rory Scovel plays Danny in “Physical” Season 3, along with Paul Sparks as John Breem, Della Saba as Bunny Kazam, Lou Taylor Pucci as Tyler, and Dierdre Friel as Greta Hauser. The plot takes on a new dynamic with Zooey Deschanel‘s Kelly Kilmartin. Executive producers Rose Byrne, Becky Clements, Alissa Bachner, Stephanie Laing, Alexandra Cunningham, Craig Gillespie, and Liza Johnson work alongside showrunner and creator Annie Weisman on the project.

Physical Season 3 Trailer

The third season of Physical’s official trailer, which debuted on July 12, 2023, shows Sheila Rubin’s journey and her dedication to healing. She reflects on her development and the accomplishment of her workout as the trailer opens. Her business endeavors have diversified to include meditation. Sheila’s hopes are dashed, though, when Kelly Kilmartin, a fresh face in the fitness world, enters the picture. Sheila’s profession and personal life suffer as her mental stability deteriorates under the constant threat of losing everything she’s worked for.

‘Physical’ Season 3 season will be tight and emotionally charged, and Sheila’s tenacity and fortitude will be tested, as the teaser makes clear. Viewers are anxiously anticipating the struggles and challenges Sheila will face on her path to both personal and professional satisfaction.



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