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Is The Old Way Movie based on a True Story?

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Screenwriter Carl W. Lucas and director Brett Donowho‘s western thriller movie “The Old Way.” The Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage as Colton Briggs, a repentant gunfighter who is pushed too far when a vengeful gang chases him down and kills his wife Ruth (Kerry Knuppe), leaving Colton to raise their young daughter, Brooke (Ryan Kiera Armstrong), in “The Old Way,” Cage returns to that territory. The widower goes back to his roots teaching Brooke how to track, shoot, and lie. Ironically, their efforts to kill the other criminals have brought the father and child closer together than ever. Colton must contend with a young killer (Noah Le Gros) who has a very specific motive for destroying the lives of the gunslinger.
 Nicolas Cage “first-ever-western,” movie, never before played a character who lives on the American frontier with hats, guns, horses, and other such things.  The chemistry between Nicolas Cage and Ryan Kiera Armstrong helps the film get past some of its more formulaic parts. You wonder if they are based on a true story or a real person because of the depth of their characters. The information provided here will answer any questions you may have after seeing “The Old Way.”

Is it true The Old Way Movie is based on a True Story?

No, Nicolas Cage‘s western movieThe Old Way” is not based on a true story. The film, directed by Brett Donowho, offers a fresh interpretation of the traditional tale of retribution while simultaneously acting as a love letter to the Western subgenre and a masterful critique. Before the movie’s release, Screen Rant had a one-on-one interview with director Brett Donowho to talk about The Old Way and his experiences. When Donowho first read the script, he was actually at his daughter’s house in Dallas, Texas. After reading it his first reaction is “Oh, my God, this is an amazing script,” and he connected with it. It might sound lofty, but I swear to God, it’s true.

He said, I grew up on a ranch for a lot of my life, so the Western itself is a genre that not only I grew up watching, but participating in it, if you will. I had the cowboy uncle going to rodeos, and me and the Boy Scouts would go out and ride horseback growing up. So it’s a genre, coming up with my momma and papa, watching Rawhide and Gunsmoke and, of course, the John Wayne and Charles Bronson movies, so it’s something I’ve always loved.

Brett Donowho added I get it, I can showcase what I’ve learned to the script.” So, my point of saying all that is that when I finished it, I was like, “Oh, my God,” I couldn’t even think of Colton Briggs, because all I could think about is how difficult it would be to cast a 12-year-old Brooke to play this role. he continued,   I’ve watched Nic Cage movies, but I hadn’t researched his filmography, so then we’re like, “Wait, he’s never done a Western. Oh my God, I bet he would kill this.  Nic did not just love the script, but we also had a terrific meeting“. 

Nicolas Cage does a great job in the role. Ryan Kiera Armstrong does a fine job portraying Brooke, yet her character is just as icy as Nic’s. People who prefer the tried-and-true storytelling of Westerns will find nothing new to be surprised by in The Old Way.  In light of this, it is clear that “The Old Way” is a fictional narrative of events that, like many other films, was expertly assembled to give the impression of veracity. Watch the trailer below.

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