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The Midnight Studio Episode 7 Recap: Han Bom gets possessed

The Midnight Studio ep 7 recap

The most recent episode seventh of The Midnight Studio, which ran on ENA, made viewers feel a lot of different things as supernatural events and complicated relationships were shown together. The K-drama, which stars Joo Won as Seo Ki-Joo and Kwon Nara as Han Bom, keeps people interested with its mix of romance, mystery, and the supernatural.

The Midnight Studio Episode 7 Recap

At the beginning of the show, Han Bom is still dealing with the fallout from her failed advances toward Ki-Joo. Even though he says he only cares about her magical skills, Han Bom finds herself drawn to him, which leads to a series of emotional fights and jealousy.

A return to Ki-Joo’s childhood shows him meeting a ghost girl, which makes people wonder if she has anything to do with Han Bom. At the same time, Han Bom’s persistent efforts to win Ki-Joo’s love lead to a tentative agreement between them. However, things get more difficult when Ki-Joo tells Han Bom about a family curse that threatens his future.

As the story gets more complicated, a new supernatural case comes up involving Hyeon-Joo, an unhappy young woman who is about to experience a terrible tragedy. It’s a race against time for Ki-Joo and his team to stop more damage. Han Bom forms an unexpected friendship with a ghost client, which makes Ki-Joo even more jealous.

In the middle of the chaos, doubts start to form about Choi Hoon, the counselor who is involved in Hyeon-Joo’s experience. As Ki-Joo digs deeper into the mystery, a shocking fact comes to light. This leads to a dramatic showdown that ends with a terrifying fact: one of their own has been possessed by an evil spirit.

When Ki-Joo desperately tries to get to Han Bom, she finds that Choi Hoon’s angry spirit has taken over her. This is the height of the stress. With Han Bom’s life in danger, Ki-Joo has to face the most terrifying task of his life so far: the evil forces that want to break them up.

People watching The Midnight Studio are shocked as the show comes to a close. They can’t wait for the next episode because the fate of their favorite characters is still up in the air. In Episode 7, romance, suspense, and the supernatural all come together in a whirlwind of mystery to make for another riveting episode of this gripping drama.

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