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The Good Doctor [Season 7 Episode 5] Recap: “Who At Peace” – Dr. Asher Wolke Dies


Things get tense in “The Good Doctor” Season 7 Episode 5 when Dr. Glassman (Richard Schiff) starts dating Audrey’s mother, which makes their working relationship uncomfortable. Audrey asks Shaun (Freddie Highmore) for help dealing with Charlie, a difficult tenant, which makes Shaun think about how to deal with her. Shaun tries to handle Charlie’s stay in the hospital by asking his wife for help. At the same time, Shaun and Lea face medical and moral problems as they help a fat kid who is thinking about having gastric sleeve surgery. Asher’s personal views on marriage also make his relationship with Jerome more difficult. At the same time, he helps a patient become Jewish so that his fiancée can marry him, which makes him think about his own religious past.

The Good Doctor [Season 7 Episode 5] Recap

In the episode of The Good Doctor airing tonight, Dr. Aaron Glassman slept with someone last night. He slept with Audrey Lim’s mom, which was a bad thing. Things were going to get harder because of this. But Aaron didn’t care about that. He liked Eileen a lot. He laughs at her. He feels young again when she’s around.

Also, Eileen chose not to keep things from her daughter. Audrey heard all about her night. She sang good things about Aaron. She said that they were only having sex and that she was going to go home when her clinical study was over. Aaron wasn’t going to be Audrey’s stepdad or anything like that.

They just felt weird about being co-presidents after that. Aaron had asked Audrey to run a board meeting. Taking her mom shopping was meant to be his way of returning the favor, but he did more than that. A lot more than scared, Audrey was shocked. She doesn’t feel good about this whole thing. It was only right that she told them that. She spoke with Shaun. She got Shaun to agree to let Charlie live with them again. Charlie has to be on his cycle or he could quit being a teacher and not get paid at all.

Anyway, Shaun decided to let Charlie work with him. It was suggested that he use a praise sandwich with her. He is going to give her two praises and then a lecture. It was a nice burger with an open face. Shaun didn’t think anyone would say nice things about him. That was hard for him all day. After that, he talked to his wife. She told him he didn’t have to pay attention to Charlie. Not that she has the power to decide what to do about a case without him. He could not care about her until he does.

Shaun and Lea were putting their baby to sleep to train it. If he can ignore the crying of their son, he could ignore Charlie’s nonstop chatter. Shaun tried to do it. He didn’t pay attention to Charlie as they helped a fat kid. The girl was fourteen years old and weighed more than 100 pounds too much. It was because her liver was too big. She could keep going the way she is and slowly die, or she could get a gastric sleeve. The girl and her mom agreed to the gastric sleeve after being persuaded. Soon, the two women changed their minds about going through with the surgery.

The Good Doctor Season 7 Episode 5: What happened to Dr. Asher Wolke?

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“Who At Peace,” the fifth episode of Season 7 of “The Good Doctor,” is a heartbreaking and important episode. Dr. Asher Wolke, played by Noah Galvin, is the target of a very upsetting antisemitic attack. At the start of the show, Asher gets back in touch with his Jewish roots after helping with a patient’s wedding at a synagogue that had been smashed by vandals. Asher runs into the thugs and tries to calm things down gently, but things get worse and they start fighting.

Even though Asher says he is a gay Jewish man, he is sadly beaten to death by his attackers. The episode ends on a sad note by talking about hate crimes and discrimination and giving people who have been affected by these things tools they can use. Asher’s unexpected death is a major turning point in the series, and it will have huge effects on the characters and the plot going forward.

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