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Rex Heuermann’s Ex Wife: Where is Asa Ellerup Now?

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The latest news about the Long Island serial killer Rex Heuermann has caught everyone’s attention in the world of true crime. A new Peacock docuseries about the life of Asa Ellerup, the ex-wife of the accused serial killer, has changed the story in a way that no one expected. As the attention on Asa grows, more questions are raised about her link to the terrible events and where she is now. In this investigation, otavo.tv look into the complicated story of Asa Ellerup to learn more about her life and the troubling situations she is in.

Who is Asa Ellerup?

Asa Ellerup, a key player in the story, used to be married to Rex Heuermann, who is suspected of killing multiple people on Long Island. They got married in April 1996 and started what seemed like a normal family in Massapequa Park, Long Island. Asa had a son from a past relationship named Christopher Sheridan and a daughter named Victoria Heuermann. The couple, who lived in the house where Rex grew up, gave the impression of a happy life together. Rex became an architect and finally started his own company, RH Consultants & Associates.

Rex Heuermann was named as a main suspect in the deaths of four women, including Melissa Barthelemy, Megan Waterman, and Amber Lynn Costello. He may have had something to do with the death of Maureen Brainard-Barnes in 2010. As the investigation went on, it became clear that important clues, like Rex’s DNA found on a discarded pizza box and Asa’s hair found near the crime scenes, linked him to the horrible crimes. Asa, on the other hand, didn’t seem to know about her husband’s supposed criminal activities.

Is Asa Ellerup linked to the murder case?

Even though shocking new information about Rex Heuermann has come to light, Asa Ellerup is not being charged with the killings. The investigation showed a troubling timeline that connected the victims’ disappearances to times when Asa and her kids were not at home. When Asa’s hair was found near the crime places, it made people think that it might have been accidentally passed on through Rex. However, the evidence shows that she had nothing to do with the horrible crimes that happened in her home.

After Rex was arrested in July 2023, Asa and her kids moved to a hotel so that the police could search their house thoroughly. Afterward, on July 19, 2023, Asa started the divorce process, giving unknown reasons. Her life took another difficult turn when she got home and saw that her house had been completely broken into, with damage to the plumbing and pipes. The constant harassment from the media made her feel even worse, so she made a public statement asking her family and friends to have privacy.

Asa showed up at one of Rex’s court meetings out of the blue in November 2023, which got a lot of attention from the media. There are reports that she has talked to Rex on the phone and visited him in jail. The specifics of what they talked about will stay secret, though.

Where is Rex Heuermann’s Ex-Wife Asa Ellerup Now?

According to the most recent information, Asa and her children are still living in the house in Massapequa Park, Long Island, while they deal with the shocking news about Rex Heuermann. Her life is the subject of a Peacock docuseries, which has caused debate and moral questions.

Reports said that Asa was paid for her part in the show, but a Peacock representative said that she only got a standard licensing fee and didn’t have any creative power over the show. Asa has had problems, like being harassed by the media and finding her house broken into. Health problems, including being told she had cancer, made things more difficult for her. A GoFundMe page started by caring people raised money, but it is currently on hold.

Rodney Harrison, the outgoing police commissioner of Suffolk County, didn’t like the docuseries and called it “a smack at the family members who lost a loved one.” Ray Tierney, the prosecutor for Suffolk County, was worried about how this might affect Asa Ellerup’s credibility, especially if she is called to witness. Even though she wasn’t charged, authorities found possible links to the case that made people wonder if she had anything to do with what happened.

Attorney Robert Macedonio for Ellerup said she was innocent and that she only knew about the killings from what the news had said. He made it clear that she wanted to see the evidence in court and that she believed her husband was innocent. Still, there is doubt. Some people, like lawyer John Ray, who works for the families of the dead, think that Asa Ellerup could be a suspect who needs to be looked into further.

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