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Netflix Unveils ‘Dead Boy Detectives’ Season 1 Trailer: A Spooky Detective Adventure

Dead Boy Detectives Season 1 Trailer:

Fans of Neil Gaiman‘s Vertigo books are getting more and more excited as Netflix finally releases the long-awaited trailer for “Dead Boy Detectives.” The show, which is set to come out later this month, promises to be a scary ride into the magical world with a dash of dark humor.

Based on the cult classic books that Gaiman and Matt Wagner co-created, “Dead Boy Detectives” follows the adventures of Edwin Payne and Charles Rowland, two ghostly teens played by George Rexstrew and Jayden Revri. Even though they were born many years apart, the two form an unbreakable bond in death as they use their unique skills to solve supernatural riddles in the real world.

The show, which has been called a mix of buddy comedy and drama, is about Edwin and Charles’s strange friendship. They are determined to stay together through good times and bad, even if it means facing evil witches, traveling through Hell, or Death herself.

Newly released trailer gives a sneak peek into the creepy but cute world of “Dead Boy Detectives,” showing how well Rexstrew and Revri get along as they go on their spooky adventures. The supporting cast, which includes Kassius Nelson, Yuyu Kitamura, Jenn Lyon, Briana Cuoco, Lukas Gage, David Iacono, and Ruth Connell, gives the story more depth and promises an amazing group performance.

Watch ‘Dead Boy Detectives’ Season 1 Trailer

Max gave the show the go-ahead in 2022, but when Warner Bros. Discovery went through some changes, the show’s future became unclear. But in early 2023, Netflix swooped in and saved the show. It joined Netflix’s growing list of comic book adaptations, which already includes the highly acclaimed “The Sandman.”

“Dead Boy Detectives” is about to become the next big thing on Netflix because it has a mix of mystery, fun, and supernatural tension. The much-anticipated first episode of the show will air on April 25th.