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Is Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul a True Story?

Is Honk For Jesus Save Your Soul a True Story-compressed

Honk for Jesus, a short film from 2018 with the same name, was the inspiration for the script and direction by Adamma Ebo. In the movie Save Your Soul, Regina Hall and Sterling K. Brown play an Atlanta-based couple who hire a documentary filmmaker to follow them before the big reopening of their megachurch. The movie debuted at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival, where it played to mostly favorable reviews. The mockumentary-style movie, which was acquired by Focus Features and director Jordan Peele’s production firm, Monkeypaw Productions, found a home on the Peacock streaming site in addition to a theatrical run. For Jesus, honk. Many of the conflicts and tensions are resolved at the conclusion of Save Your Soul. let us discover Is Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul a True Story.

For Jesus, honk. Save Your Soul does not claim to be based on a real story . The mockumentary movie, however, appears to be inspired by the controversy involving Bishop Eddie Long, the late pastor of the New Birth Missionary Baptist megachurch in Georgia. A number of young men (all of whom were minors at the time) sued Eddie Long in 2010 on the grounds that the pastor had abused them sexually while using his position as the church’s leader to cover it up. Similar to Lee-Curtis, Long had a congregation of about 25,000 people, and he had considerable power. Although Long was sued (and the suits were settled out of court), the late pastor didn’t speak out much about the accusations or the specifics since that wasn’t how Lee-Curtis ran Honk for Jesus. Protect Your Soul.

What is Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul Plot

Regina Hall portrays Trinitie Childs, the head of a prestigious Southern Baptist megachurch. She oversaw a congregation of tens of thousands of people with Lee-Curtis Childs, her pastor-turned-husband (played by Sterling K. Brown). However, a significant controversy compels their church to collapse afterwards. They attempt to rebuild their congregation in the wake of this humorous incident in order to make a notable comeback.

It is slated for theatrical release and streaming on Peacock.

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