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Investigation Discovery: Real PD Kansas City Killer – Where Is Killer Now?

Jamar Berryman Murder

Jamar Berryman Murder – 911 On September 13, 2019, a woman called emergency services in Kansas City to report that a man had been shot outside her store on Leavenworth Road. Authorities responded quickly to the call and arrived on the scene to discover Jamar Berryman unconscious on the road with multiple gunshot wounds to his chest. The gruesome murder is detailed in the Investigation Discovery documentary “Real PD Kansas City: Killer Confusion,” which also follows the investigation that led to the conviction of the murderer. Let’s investigate the specifics of the murder to learn more, shall we?

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How Did Jamar Berryman Die
Jamar Berryman’s Cause of Death

At the time of his passing, Kansas City, Missouri resident Jamar Berryman, also known as Ja’Leyah-Jamar Berryman, was 30 years old. Although initial reports suggested he was transgender, it was ultimately made clear that he was simply an LGBTQ person who enjoyed dressing up. In Jamar’s mother’s opinion, the issue detracted from the poignancy of his passing, and she was opposed to any tags being linked to her son.

Jamar was praised by those who knew him as a caring and compassionate person who enjoyed lending a helping hand and smiling at everyone. Jamar was a loving father of one at the time of his murder, and the 30-year-old is still sorely missed today. The Kansas City police were called to a site on Leavenworth Road on September 13, 2019, after a lady reported that a man had been shot in front of her store.

Jamar was lying on the road when first responders arrived, barely alive, and they moved him right away to a nearby hospital. However, the damage was too significant, and Jamar died while still receiving treatment. Later, an autopsy revealed that the cause of his death was multiple close-range chest shots. Unfortunately, a cursory examination of the crime site did not turn up many leads, so investigators were forced to turn to search the neighbourhood for potential witnesses.

Who was Jamar Berryman’s Killer?

The woman who had initially dialled 911 claimed she saw a white Pontiac accelerate away from the crime scene soon following the gunshots. However, the initial inquiry did not yield many leads. In addition, when the authorities looked through the CCTV tape, they found that Jamar had been discussing and arguing with someone inside the Pontiac before the individual shot him five times in broad daylight.

Additionally, when knocking on doors, police discovered a witness who claimed to have heard the guys fighting and even described the pattern of the gunfire. However, neither the witness nor the CCTV footage could give the police a description of the offender. When authorities sat down with Jamar’s family, they discovered that the victim had ended his 20-year relationship and entered a new one.

Even though his ex-boyfriend maintained their friendship, Jamar’s family was unaware of the name of his new partner. They swiftly assisted law enforcement in obtaining a Facebook live video that Jamar had broadcasted the morning of his death, in which his then-partner was clearly visible. Since he was the last person to see the victim alive, the boyfriend—who is still unnamed—became the main suspect.

Unfortunately, no one knew the suspect’s origins; thus, not even the image from the video could be used to identify him. The police questioned Jamar’s neighbours and acquaintances on the victim’s new relationship, and despite their claims to have seen the man, they were unsure of his whereabouts. Authorities finally made their first arrest when a woman got in touch with them after seeing the suspect’s picture on TV.

The woman, who asked to remain unnamed, said that she had been dating the man in the photo for a long time and that she had even been able to give the police his phone number. This was really helpful since it allowed the authorities to track the number and find the suspect, Khalil Williams.

Where Is Khalil Williams Now?

Khalil protested his innocence and denied any involvement in Jamar’s murder, but when police apprehended him, a 9-millimetre gun was discovered with him; this gun was ultimately identified as the murder weapon. Khalil, however, refused to comment when the police presented him with the evidence and sought a lawyer instead.

Before going to trial, Khalil eventually pleaded guilty to second-degree murder as part of a plea agreement, earning himself a 100-month jail term starting in 2022. Khalil is still imprisoned at the Hutchinson Correctional Facility in Hutchinson, Kansas, and is currently ineligible for release.

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