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Fire Country Season 1 Episode 12 Recap: Bode and Gaby Kiss

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Bode and Gabriella, despite their best efforts, found themselves in a sticky situation in Season 1 Episode 12 of Fire Country. Sharon got back to the firehouse just as a rookie was being greeted. While Freddy found out he was a dad, Jake told Eve he was a kidney match for Sharon. After a plane crash ignited a forest fire, a man almost perished because he refused to leave his home. In case you somehow managed to miss the thrilling events of Fire Country Season 1, Episode 12, here is a complete recap of those events.

Fire Country Episode 12 Recap

The precipitating event was a skywriting plane that lost control, crashed, and burned. The pilot survived the crash by parachuting to safety, but his jet exploded shortly after impact, sparking numerous fires in the surrounding hillsides. Inmates from Manny’s Three Rock unit worked with those from Vince’s Station 42 to put out the fires, with O’Neil’s “Forever the Grey’s Anatomy Shooter” residence being a repeated target. Despite Vince’s pleading.. this Harlan Denbo remained in his house, entrusting the protection of his property to the firefighters.
During this time, Freddy found out from Sharon that his girlfriend Cookie had given birth at the firehouse despite going into labor while on her way to see him.
Collin,  (played by Zach Tinker), nearly wrecked some of Manny’s team when he walked on the incorrect stone on his first day. Gabriela initially took the fall so that her fellow nugget would be treated fairly, but Collin eventually admitted fault.
Freddy decided to leave the group when he found out that Gaby and other members had already met the infant he had not yet met; however, Bode, with Gabriela looking on, talked some sense into him, and he decided to stay. Freddy’s determination paid off when Manny took him to the Leone house, where Vince and Sharon had graciously offered a place for Cookie and the newborn to stay for the night, finally giving the ecstatic new dad a chance to meet his daughter.

Fire Country Season 1 Episode 12 Recap: Bode and Gaby Kiss

On the subject of Freddy, when he wasn’t longing for a reunion with his child, he was encouraging Gaby to give Bode another shot. Freddy strongly suggested that Bode checked on his things at the laundry before he met his daughter, and that’s where Bode eventually ran into Gabriela. To make his case, Bode drew Gaby in for a passionate kiss. Gabriela intervened to explain that they both needed to put forth the effort to become their best selves before they could open Bode’s “gift” to them when he had completed his sentence. Despite Gaby’s best efforts, the couple had a second, even more, passionate kiss that seemed to indicate they were both eager to unwrap their gifts right this second.
Now we know Freddy’s a father. A fire consumed Harlan’s home, but not before he rescued his sick wife and, subsequently, himself from the blaze….while Manny informed Vince and Sharon that he plans to work overtime to straighten out his finances and find a new place to live. That’s the good news, anyway.
The topic of who will donate Sharon’s kidney became murkier in the middle when it became clear that both Bode and Jake were potential donors, but Sharon was hesitant to accept Bode’s offer.
What else is there to report that is very awful news? In the final scene, it is revealed that an unknown person is strolling through the woods while carrying a gas-powered torch in order to deliberately cause fires. Is it too obvious that Collin is the mysterious who keeps popping up? Or perhaps it’s that female attorney who’s locked up and raising trouble because she’s been denied Bode.

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