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In 1923, will the Duttons Kill Banner Creighton?


In 1923, will the Duttons Kill Banner Creighton? – The main adversary of the first half of the Western series “1923” from Paramount+ is Banner Creighton. When Scottish sheepherder Banner enters the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch with his flock, the two grow hostile toward one another. Angered by Banner and his men’s behavior, Jacob hangs them, but the herder manages to flee before he is killed.

The Duttons are attacked by Banner and his men in the third episode of the show, and John Dutton Sr. is killed while Jacob Dutton suffers severe injuries. One must be curious to learn if the Dutton family members will kill him as he has set out to harm them. Here are our opinions on the subject, though!

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Will Banner Creighton be killed by the Duttons

Will Banner Creighton be killed by the Duttons?

When Jacob Dutton, the livestock commissioner, orders the sheepherder not to trespass on the private property of other ranchers with his sheep, hatred between Banner Creighton and the Duttons begins to develop. Jacob doesn’t show Banner any mercy as the Dutton father wants to murder him and offers his sheep to a Native American chief when Banner enters the Dutton Ranch with his flock.

Banner exhibits the same savagery Jacob used when he killed John and almost killed the father of the Dutton family after escaping from his death. Banner also hopes to turn Yellowstone into his ranch by teaming up with Donald Whitfield, assuming Jacob is dead (Timothy Dalton).

It’s possible that the Duttons won’t be able to murder Banner straight immediately after John’s passing and Jacob’s struggle for survival. Cara Dutton prioritizes the well-being of her family before exacting revenge on Banner. She has to shield Jack from making any mistakes that could endanger or cost him his life because Spencer Dutton is mostly just a memory for her. She knows that Jack will do everything to get revenge and kill Banner without giving it a second thought. Jack shouldn’t be the one risking his life for his family’s honor after almost escaping death twice.

However, Cara’s hesitations might only last until Spencer, and his Dutton family make it back to Yellowstone, and she decides not to pursue revenge on Banner. His presence, bravery, and knowledge will give Cara the assurance she needs to battle Banner and the army he is assembling with Whitfield’s assistance. The rest of the Duttons are aware of and support Jacob’s ability to confront and neutralize threats, as evidenced by his request to Cara in the show’s fourth episode to fight when Spencer arrives. Once Spencer arrives in Montana to defend his family and exact revenge for the death of his brother John, Banner’s days are definitely numbered.

Spencer, a veteran of World War I, might not even view Banner as a severe threat. Spencer might not be anticipating a fair fight with the sheep herder, given that the latter can only backstab. If it overwhelms him, Spencer may attempt to overcome his melancholy by assassinating Banner as quickly as possible.

In the event that the ex-soldier visits the Dutton Ranch, Jack might team up with him to kill the terrible assailant who attempted to kill him and his fiance Elizabeth Strafford. If Jack truly wants to kill Banner, the veteran’s presence might be enough to convince Cara to stop her.

Banner Creighton may also need to be concerned about Whitfield because he strikes a bargain with the devil. In the fourth episode, Whitfield lends Banner money to wage war against the Dutton in exchange for the sheepherder’s assurance that Yellowstone will become his in a short period of time for the former’s mining enterprise.

Whitfield may think about killing Banner if Spencer shows there soon and defends Yellowstone from Banner and his soldiers. This would be because Banner broke his pledge to Whitfield. If so, we can wait to find out which of the Duttons or Whitfield will murder Banner.

You can stream 1923 episodes on Paramount+.

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