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Aaron Taylor Murder

Crime Junkie’s Podcast ‘Murdered: Aaron Taylor – Who Killed Him?

Crime Junkie's Podcast 'Murdered: Aaron Taylor: Who Killed Aaron Taylor? - Aaron Taylor's parents, Frank and Pat Taylor, had no idea they would see their...
How Did Abigail Gasca-Chavez Die

Investigation Discovery’s “See No Evil” S8x22 ‘I Will Follow’

Investigation Discovery's "See No Evil" Season 8 Episode 22 'I Will Follow' - When 19-year-old Abigail Gasca-Chavez was discovered dead inside her apartment, the ordinarily...
Tammy Gardener and Gabriel Gabrielli Murders

Investigation Discovery’s “American Monster: You Got Me Mean” – Where Is Killer Now?

Investigation Discovery's "American Monster: You Got Me Mean" - Where Is Killer Now? - When the disappearance of Tammy Gardener and her boyfriend, Gabriel Gabrielli, was reported...
What is Sally McNeil's Net Worth

What is Sally McNeil’s Net Worth?

What is Sally McNeil's Net Worth? - After shooting and killing her husband Ray on Valentine's Day 1995, bodybuilder and ex-marine Sally McNeil spoke out...
Where Is Sally McNeil Now

Netflix’s Killer Sally: Where Is Sally McNeil Now?

Where Is Sally McNeil Now? - Midway through the 1990s, Sally McNeil's story gained widespread attention, and it was so sensationalized that it was used...
Who Are Alice Ruggles’ Parents

Netflix’s My Lover My Killer 2×01 – Where Are Alice Ruggles’ Parents Now?

Where Are Alice Ruggles' Parents Now? - Sue Hills and Clive Ruggles endured their darkest nightmare in October 2016 when police informed them of their...
Gail Herrera Murder

Gail Herrera Murder: Where is Charles Wilson Today?

Gail Herrera Murder - The savage rape and murder of 23-year-old mother Gail Herrera in Denver, Colorado, in April 1984 are the subjects of Investigation Discovery show...
How Did John Ray Die

Hulu’s “How I Caught My Killer” – How Did John Ray Die?

Hulu's "How I Caught My Killer" - How Did John Ray Die? Who Kill John Ray? - How I Caught My Killer, another real crime...
How Did Sylvia Quayle Die

On The Case With Paula Zahn Season 25 Episode 16 Confessions and Lies

Sylvia Quayle Murder: On The Case With Paula Zahn Season 25 Episode 16 Confessions and Lies - On August 4, 1981, Cherry Hills Village's 911...